JUNE 28 & 29, 2019

Free Range Film Festival Update (Blue Ribbon Edition)

The submissions deadline for 2016 has passed. Now your Free Range film farmers are busy reviewing all of the great submissions we received! We used to call this time of year “the harvest.” But it’s actually more like 4-H judging at the county fair. In just a few short weeks, we’ll let everybody know which of your goats and chickens (and films) won a blue ribbon!

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Our 2015 Schedule!

More details coming soon! Schedule subject to change! Side effects may include mild euphoria and delusions of grandeur!



Woodblind: Big Voice (4 minutes) Animated; Music Video

Libero, Middle, Right (5 minutes) Documentary

Robert Dewitt Adams (5 minutes) Documentary

We Got Your Back (4 minutes) Narrative

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Town’s Last Resident (5 minutes) Narrative

American Renaissance (10 minutes) Documentary

Spearhunter (14 minutes) Documentary

Crooked Candy (7 minutes) Documentary

My Mom’s Motorcycle (7 minutes) Documentary

The Chaperone 3D (14 minutes) Documentary; Animated


That Stop Sign Has a Gun (5 minutes) Documentary; Animated

Downtown Sounds (4 minutes) Documentary

The Beaver Trilogy Part IV (87 minutes) Documentary



Mirror in Mind (3 minutes) Non-narrative; Animated

Return (6 minutes) Non-narrative; Animated

Ilium, New York (19 minutes) Narrative

I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently (6 minutes) Narrative; Animated

Sean Connaughty (5 minutes) Documentary

Shooting with Sparky: Moose Calling (5 minutes) Documentary

Penny for Your Thoughts (6 minutes) Narrative

A Small Herd (7 minutes) Documentary

Bread Elegant (11 minutes) Documentary

The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove (18 minutes) Documentary

The Disease (15 minutes) Documentary

A King’s Betrayal (9 minutes) Narrative

Dwarves Kingdom (71 minutes) Documentary


The Ballad of Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor (4 minutes) Animated

Lost Conquest (70 minutes) Documentary

9 pm

Leonard (3 minutes) Narrative; Animated

A Place Called Hospice (3 minutes) Narrative; Animated

Wire Cutters (9 minutes) Narrative; Animated

Come Back: LiL iFFy’s Final Spell (10 minutes) Documentary; Music Video

The Perfect Soda (19 minutes) Documentary

The Surrender (24 minutes) Documentary

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Kickstart our Community Root Cellar (and claim a private screening in the barn)!

This is the North. Winter is always coming. And that’s why it would be so nice to have a Community Root Cellar where our whole damn town can keep all of our vegetables every year (until spring planting finally rolls around again).

One of the many many great rewards you can claim for supporting this Kickstarter campaign is a hay ride and a private screening in the Free Range Film Festival barn! What are you waiting for? We’re hungry. And those White Walkers are coming…

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A Brief Update on the Film Harvest


Submissions for 2015 are now closed. Thank you so much for sending us so many wonderful films! Now comes the hard part: deciding which ones to screen in the barn.

Sadly, we cannot play everything. (And that breaks our hearts.) We should have a schedule by the end of June. Stay tuned. And thanks for supporting the Free Range Film Festival!

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Hi. Submit to us.

Look. We don’t want to trash anybody. Let’s just imagine that there are plenty of good websites for submitting your films to film festivals. Except that there aren’t. That’s why we’re using Film Freeway. It’s easy for you to use. It’s easy for us to use. And your films look really really great. Please submit your film today. Here’s the link:



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The 2014 Schedule is here!

Free Range poster

The following films have been certified Free Range and will be on the big screen for your viewing pleasure July 25th & 26th. See you all in the big old barn!


July 25 & 26, 2014



Cowpokes (3min) by John Akre

Three Cowboys muse about safety concerns.

Rabbit and Deer (17min) by Péter Vácz

Does your best friend live in another dimension? This animated instructional video might be helpful.

Wicker Kittens (52min) by Amy C. Elliott and Mike Scholtz

Open the box. Dump out all the pieces. And scramble for your lives. This is competitive jigsaw puzzling.

Break with music by Portrait of a Drowned Man and Puzzle Swap.



The Morning I Almost Died (4min) by John Akre

The title of this animated short sums things up better than this description.

Random Stop (7min) by Benjamin Arfmann

A first person POV of the true story of a Sheriff’s deputy who encounters an aggressive driver on a lonely stretch of highway. FAIR WARNING: This film involves violence.

Surviving Cliffside (65min) by Jon Matthews

After their beauty-pageant-queen daughter beats leukemia, a family, living in a trailer park known for its guns and drugs, tries to put their lives back together in time for their daughter to make a run for Little Miss West Virginia. FAIR WARNING: This film is not an ‘upper.’




Pilgrim (10min) by Johnathon Olson

Filmmaker Johnathon Olson combines two of the most popular things in the Arrowhead Region: Charlie Parr and the Sea Caves.

Changeover (11min) by David Ketterer & Connor Lynch

Drive-in movie theaters are almost as cool as movie theaters inside barns.

AJ’s Infinite Summer (8min) by Toby Jones

AJ explores his summer career options and learns a valuable lesson in the process.

Mr Plastimime (10min) by Daniel Greaves

A cautionary tale about engaging in the mime lifestyle.

La Buche de Noel (26min) by Vincent Pater & Stephane Aubier

All this toy horse wants for Christmas is a nice pastry.

Arlo and Julie (80min) by Steve Mims

A neurotic couple’s obsession with a mysterious puzzle comically unravels their world, disconnecting them from reality and jeopardizing their fragile relationship.


Albert Einstein (3min) by John Akre

Only a few people try to understand relativity.

Richard Rosvall (5min) by Steve Ash

A hippy metalsmith makes neat things.

The Hammer and the Axe (6min) by Greg Carlson & Tucker Lucas

A blacksmith and his apprentice make neat things.

Stumped (11min) by Robin Berghaus

When life gets you down it takes courage to stand up.

Sticky (20 min) by Jilli Rose

The stick insect is not your typical charismatic megafauna but it does have enormous poop.

The Master’s Voice (10 min) by Guilherme Marcondes

This is what happens in the middle of the night when time stands still.

Break with food truck offerings by the Rambler and music by Ariane Norrgard


The Alligator (3min) by Alexandra Barsky

You should all be happy this festival does not take place in a swamp. FAIR WARNING: This movie contains animated nudity.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, II (4min) by Joseph Pelling & Rebecca Sloan

Time is a scary concept. FAIR WARNING: this might mess with your mind.

Sangre de Unicorno (9min) by Alberto Vasquez

No description. Just a FAIR WARNING: This short contains very mean teddy bears.

The Overnighters (100min) by Jesse Moss

Desperate, broken men chase their dreams and run from their demons in the North Dakota oil fields. A local pastor risks everything to help them.



You may have noticed new siding on the barn. A HUGE thank you to Sandy and Betsy Dugan for their continued stewardship of this 96 year old structure and kudos to Jeremy Loucks Construction in Wrenshall for his exceptional work! As always, we want to thank our crack concessions stand team – Popcorn Man Doyle Sanders, Maggie Sanders, and Clark DeCaire. Thank you to our fabulous musical acts this year: Portrait of Drowned Man and Ariane Norrgard. And thanks to John Akre for producing this year’s official festival trailer!

Free Range Committee

Valarie Coit, Robin DeCaire, Annie Dugan, Janaki Fisher-Merritt, Misty Havens, Mike Scholtz

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