You can buy one of these hot posters July 26 or July 27 at the Free Range Film Barn. OR you can send us your film for review. If we play it in the barn we’ll give you a poster for FREE! Both of these options involve getting an awesome poster.

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It’s harvest time!

Join us this weekend for a fun-filled, farm-fresh Free Range Film Festival. We’ll start showing movies at 7pm on Friday, July 28th. And while we can’t promise something for everyone, we can promise you will see a bunch of different movies in a barn. And that’s a pretty unique experience. Check out some of the links above to learn a little bit more about our fest.

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A quick peek at our 2012 schedule

As is usual in these film festival-type situations, we reserve the right to tweak this. (And add some hilarious descriptions.)


7:00pm LITTLE BLACK BOOKS – KOZY Directed by Josh Carlon (5 minutes)

7:10pm ANOTHER DRESS/ANOTHER BUTTON Directed by Lyn Elliot (3 minutes)

7:15pm MOON ROCK Directed by Debra Sea (11 minutes)

7:30pm THE BALLAD OF STANLEY RAY Directed by John Akre (1 minute)

7:35pm WILD BILL’S RUN Directed by Mike Scholtz (60 minutes)

8:45pm BREAK

9:15pm THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE OR NIGHT MARE Directed by Julia Ross (1 minute)

9:16pm DON’T BE NERVOUS Directed by Peter Gulsvig (4 minutes)

9:20pm BIKE RACE Directed by Tom Schroeder (12 minutes)

9:35pm AGE OF CHAMPIONS Directed by Christopher Rufo (70 minutes)


2:00pm HUGS Directed by Sharon Lauden (2 minutes)

2:05pm DAS HAUS Directed by David Buob (5 minutes)

2:10pm SIDEWALK SONATA Directed by Nicholas Clausen (14 minutes)

2:25pm KIP PRASLOWICZ: STREET PHOTOGRAPHER Directed by Steve Ash (5 minutes)

2:30pm IOWA #1 Directed by Kathy McTavish (6 minutes)

2:30pm CUDDLE GROUP Directed by Erica Eyers (8 minutes)

2:40pm HOLE IN THE WALL Directed by Amanda Becker (10 minutes)

2:50pm THE DISTANCE Directed by Catherine Meier (7 minutes)

3:00pm GOD’S COUNTRY Directed by Louis Malle (95 minutes)

5:00pm Break

7:00pm PANCAKES HAUSE: A DRAMATIC READING Featuring Matt McGregor and Aaron Baker (2 minutes)

7:05pm SURVIVING YOUR BEAR ATTACK Directed by Charlie Cline (16 minutes)

7:20pm DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED Directed by Becky Sloan & Joeseph Pelling (4 minutes)

7:25pm FREERANGE Directed by Morgan Powell (2 minutes)

7:30pm MURGI KENO MUTANT Directed by Nayeem Mahbub (15 minutes)

7:45pm ADVENTURE OF LEDO AND IX Directed by Emily Carmichael (5 minutes)

7:50pm BEING BRADFORD DILLMAN Directed by Emma Burch (10 minutes)

8:00pm POSTGENDERISM Directed by Nicholas Sunsdahl (7 minutes)

8:10pm WONDERFUL HAT Directed by Greg Carlson (3 minutes)

8:15pm PIONEER Directed by David Lowery (16 minutes)

8:30pm BREAK

9:00pm THE LOW-DOWN BUCK Directed by Julia Ross (1 minute)

9:01pm DR. BREAKFAST Directed by Stephen Neary (7 minutes)

9:10pm BELLY Directed by Julia Pott (7 minutes)

9:20pm MARVIN, SETH & STANLEY Directed by Stephen Gurewitz (74 minutes)

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More Duluth Area Film Fest Fun!

If you are in the Northland this weekend you are in a film festival hotspot. The Duluth Superior Film Festival kicked off last night with a packed crowd at Clyde Iron in Duluth. Check out their website for more information: http://dusuff.com/

Also this Saturday at 6pm in the barn is the “Reel Youth Film Festival”. As the name implies this is a film festival featuring films made by youth. Most of them are from our region so come support our future filmmakers! more at https://www.facebook.com/ReelYouthFilmFestival

Finally – if you haven’t sent us your 100% free range film, what are you waiting for?
Get to it! Our screeners are standing by…

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Wanna be a Free Range Film?

You are a filmmaker. We are a film festival. Whaddyasay we get together and make this thing work? Please send us your shorts, features, dramas, documentaries, music videos, cartoons and slide show presentations. (Seriously, if someone sent us a slide show presentation, we would totally run that….). You can enter a couple different ways – either click on our ‘without a box’ link to the right or hit the ‘submissions’ tab at the top of this page. Happy film-making!


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