You can buy one of these hot posters July 26 or July 27 at the Free Range Film Barn. OR you can send us your film for review. If we play it in the barn we’ll give you a poster for FREE! Both of these options involve getting an awesome poster.

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It’s harvest time!

Join us this weekend for a fun-filled, farm-fresh Free Range Film Festival. We’ll start showing movies at 7pm on Friday, July 28th. And while we can’t promise something for everyone, we can promise you will see a bunch of different movies in a barn. And that’s a pretty unique experience. Check out some of the links above to learn a little bit more about our fest.

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Free Range Film Podcast Episode 13 – Festival Preview with Minnesota Stories & The Explorers’ Club

On the latest episode, we preview the 2012 Free Range Film Festival with special guests Johnathon Olson, director of Duluth’s Zinema 2 movie haus, and Marla Peterson, director of Jimmy’s & Anita’s Nut Party. Johnathon tells us about some supercool programming coming up at Zinema. And we talk a lot about pop, which is what we call soft drinks here in Minnesota.

Click to hear Free Range Film Podcast 13

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