2012 Schedule


7:00pm LITTLE BLACK BOOKS – KOZY Directed by Josh Carlon (5 minutes)

7:10pm ANOTHER DRESS/ANOTHER BUTTON Directed by Lyn Elliot (3 minutes)

7:15pm MOON ROCK Directed by Debra Sea (11 minutes)

7:30pm THE BALLAD OF STANLEY RAY Directed by John Akre (1 minute)

7:35pm WILD BILL’S RUN Directed by Mike Scholtz (60 minutes)

8:45pm BREAK

9:15pm THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE OR NIGHT MARE Directed by Julia Ross (1 minute)

9:16pm DON’T BE NERVOUS Directed by Peter Gulsvig (4 minutes)

9:20pm BIKE RACE Directed by Tom Schroeder (12 minutes)

9:35pm AGE OF CHAMPIONS Directed by Christopher Rufo (70 minutes)


2:00pm HUGS Directed by Sharon Lauden (2 minutes)

2:05pm DAS HAUS Directed by David Buob (5 minutes)

2:10pm SIDEWALK SONATA Directed by Nicholas Clausen (14 minutes)

2:25pm KIP PRASLOWICZ: STREET PHOTOGRAPHER Directed by Steve Ash (5 minutes)

2:30pm IOWA #1 Directed by Kathy McTavish (6 minutes)

2:30pm CUDDLE GROUP Directed by Erica Eyers (8 minutes)

2:40pm HOLE IN THE WALL Directed by Amanda Becker (10 minutes)

2:50pm THE DISTANCE Directed by Catherine Meier (7 minutes)

3:00pm GOD’S COUNTRY Directed by Louis Malle (95 minutes)

5:00pm Break

7:00pm PANCAKES HAUSE: A DRAMATIC READING Featuring Matt McGregor and Aaron Baker (2 minutes)

7:05pm SURVIVING YOUR BEAR ATTACK Directed by Charlie Cline (16 minutes)

7:20pm DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED Directed by Becky Sloan & Joeseph Pelling (4 minutes)

7:25pm FREERANGE Directed by Morgan Powell (2 minutes)

7:30pm MURGI KENO MUTANT Directed by Nayeem Mahbub (15 minutes)

7:45pm ADVENTURE OF LEDO AND IX Directed by Emily Carmichael (5 minutes)

7:50pm BEING BRADFORD DILLMAN Directed by Emma Burch (10 minutes)

8:00pm POSTGENDERISM Directed by Nicholas Sunsdahl (7 minutes)

8:10pm WONDERFUL HAT Directed by Greg Carlson (3 minutes)

8:15pm PIONEER Directed by David Lowery (16 minutes)

8:30pm BREAK

9:00pm THE LOW-DOWN BUCK Directed by Julia Ross (1 minute)

9:01pm DR. BREAKFAST Directed by Stephen Neary (7 minutes)

9:10pm BELLY Directed by Julia Pott (7 minutes)

9:20pm MARVIN, SETH & STANLEY Directed by Stephen Gurewitz (74 minutes)