2015 Schedule

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2015


Woodblind: Big Voice (4 minutes) Animated; Music Video

Libero, Middle, Right (5 minutes) Documentary

Robert Dewitt Adams (5 minutes) Documentary

We Got Your Back (4 minutes) Narrative

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Town’s Last Resident (5 minutes) Narrative

American Renaissance (10 minutes) Documentary

Spearhunter (14 minutes) Documentary

Crooked Candy (7 minutes) Documentary

My Mom’s Motorcycle (7 minutes) Documentary

The Chaperone 3D (14 minutes) Documentary; Animated


That Stop Sign Has a Gun (5 minutes) Documentary; Animated

Downtown Sounds (4 minutes) Documentary

The Beaver Trilogy Part IV (87 minutes) Documentary



Mirror in Mind (3 minutes) Non-narrative; Animated

Return (6 minutes) Non-narrative; Animated

Ilium, New York (19 minutes) Narrative

I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently (6 minutes) Narrative; Animated

Sean Connaughty (5 minutes) Documentary

Shooting with Sparky: Moose Calling (5 minutes) Documentary

Penny for Your Thoughts (6 minutes) Narrative

A Small Herd (7 minutes) Documentary

Bread Elegant (11 minutes) Documentary

The Simple Gift of Walnut Grove (18 minutes) Documentary

The Disease (15 minutes) Documentary

A King’s Betrayal (9 minutes) Narrative

Dwarves Kingdom (71 minutes) Documentary


The Ballad of Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor (4 minutes) Animated

Lost Conquest (70 minutes) Documentary

9 pm

Leonard (3 minutes) Narrative; Animated

A Place Called Hospice (3 minutes) Narrative; Animated

Wire Cutters (9 minutes) Narrative; Animated

Come Back: LiL iFFy’s Final Spell (10 minutes) Documentary; Music Video

The Perfect Soda (19 minutes) Documentary

The Surrender (24 minutes) Documentary