2021 Schedule

Friday Evening, August 20

How Not to be Seen– By Beth Peloff
You get an invitation to a party. You are an introvert. An instructional film. 4 min

Melt – By Christopher Rohde & Kenneth Warner
A four-minute experimental film involving butter. 4 min

World Within – By Sakshi Jain
“Do not try to measure someone’s steps from above”. 2 min

Ocean Grass – By Dan Fitzpatrick
Artist Cecilia Ramon has mowed a pattern of the Thermalheline in the grass by the barn because that is what artists do. 2 min

Browsing History – By Rachel Prost
This VHS store is still in operation! 10 min

Maamawi – By Johnathan Thunder
An animation exploring what is hard to explore. 5 min

Henry’s Scrapbook – By John Akre
In 1953 Henry Akre visited San Francisco. In 2003 his great-grandson visited the same spot. They both recorded their trips. 6 min

Museum of woodcarving – By Nik Nerburn
What happened to the Museum of Woodcarving? 7 min

Delta of Spirit – By Nicholas Kapanke
The DAMn is a 240 mile gravel road bike race across Minnesota. Watch the movie so you don’t have to ride it. 20 min

Let the Blonde Sing – By Rachel Knoll
An intimate look into a small community in Alaska through the eyes of Beverly Sue Waltz, the bartender of the only bar open all-year-round. 13 min

Duality Derby – By Mark Miller, Dave Franzese
Local racing legend Victor Elaine squares-off against his greatest rival. 20 min

Saturday Evening, August 21

Final Act – By Miguel Amendola-Borrallo, Clara Obeidi, Yohan Gantelet,Lucie Krencker, Geoffrey Rakotoarisoa, and Antonin Géral-Ariès
Hunters will go to extraordinary lengths for their prey. Sometimes those measures lead to unexpected consequences. 8 min

We Don’t Deserve Dogs – By Matthew Salleh, Rose Tucker
A contemplative odyssey across the globe, looking at the simple and extraordinary ways that dogs influence our daily lives. 84 min

Hugo – By Justin Christopher Ayd
“Pets aren’t just pets, they’re family” 5 min

Strawberry Shake – By Dianne Bellino
A mother tries to win back her two kids with a pet rabbit and pink dessert. 16 min

Snowy – By Kaitlyn Schwalje & Alexander Lewis
Is a pet turtle happy? 12 min