The Free Range Film Festival has just one submission guideline: please entertain us. Send us your shorts, cartoons, documentaries, music videos, full-length feature films and science experiments gone horribly awry right here:

Free Range Entry Form via Film Freeway

Use the Film Freeway link above. Please. They are a great website and the whole process is fairly self-explanatory! Deadline for all entries is April 15, 2018.

We prefer the paperless world of online video links. But perhaps you’ve submitted via Film Freeway and want to send us a DVD, a VHS tape, your film poster or some cookies. We have an address for that:

Free Range Film Festival
P.O. Box 56
Wrenshall, MN 55797

Our screening committee will rigorously test your film for lingering signs of chemicals, irradiation and/or the lingering odor of creative stagnation. If we find your film to be 100% Free Range, we’ll go ahead and plant it in the festival!