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Friday, July 29


Free Associates
An animated treatise on the right of free association, the best right of all. Directed by John Akre (3 minutes)

A Perfect Record
Search for the ideal vinyl with the founder of the Fargo Record Fair. Directed by Greg Carlson (7 minutes)

Bacon & God’s Wrath
A 90-year-old Jewish woman reflects on her life as she tries bacon for the first time ever. Directed by Sol Friedman (9 minutes)

A Letter to My Son
Duluth designer Tommy Kronquist writes a letter to his son. Directed by Tommy Kronquist and Passenger Films (4 minutes)

Canine Freestyle with Patie and Sassy
A woman and her beloved dog show off their fancy choreographed dance moves. Directed by Jen Gross and Josh Gross (3 minutes)

A celebration of our capacity to care for all creatures. Even a fish who can’t swim and lives on a sponge. Directed by Amy Nicholson (15 minutes)

They Crawl Amongst Us!
A stop-motion documentary about life in New York City — as told by its creepy-crawlies. Directed by Sihanouk Mariona (13 minutes)

Skips Stones for Fudge
Enter the high stakes world of competitive stone skipping. Where winning means glory. And also fudge. Directed by Ryan Seitz (52 minutes)

9:30pm BLOCK

Forever Professor
A psychologist who is obsessed with time owns, not coincidentally, the world’s largest collection of talking clocks. Directed by Mika Johnson (32 minutes)

After a long day of reality, Philip wants to surf through some alternatives. Directed by Conor Holt (4 minutes)

Cat Bird Coyote
Freak accident in stark laboratory frees animal! Directed by Amy Raasch (3 minutes)

This Video Is Harmless
It’s possible this entire movie takes place in the mind of a dog. Possible. But not likely. Directed by John Kelley (3 minutes)

Something About Silence
“You are here because you are boring. Let the audio-visual experience sink into your subconscious in order to become more exciting and fashionable.” Directed by Patrick Buhr (13 minutes)

Nosferatu, driven by his quenchless thirst for blood… goes to a costume party! Directed by Jesse Larson (11 minutes)

The Eve
Santa Claus plus murder equals one crazy bananas movie. Directed by Luca Machnich (20 minutes)

Saturday, July 30


Some Days Are Bug Days
Poor Junebug. She’s having another one of those days: A bug day. Directed by Mary C. Taylor (3 minutes)

This is exactly the sort of short film you might’ve seen on Sesame Street in the 70s. Which is the highest compliment we can give a film. Directed by Marcin Gizycki (3 minutes)

Balloon Cat
How one cat learned to fly. Directed by Michael Cerminara (4 minutes)

Growing Good Bugs
A movie about growing good bugs. Was that not clear from the title? Directed by Julie Philips (3 minutes)

In the Waves
The beginning of life as seen through a microscope. But animated. Directed by Ying-Fang Shen (6 minutes)

The Mountain Funeral
An Appalachian funeral in the mountains of Iceland. Directed by Jonathan Johnson (6 minutes)

A Cup of Coffee & Pieces of Wood
Old Scandinavians have got it figured out: Life is nothing more than good coffee, nice scenery and a little bit of romance. Directed by Andreas Gejke.
13 minutes

Who Stole the Ruby Slippers?
Somebody stole the ruby slippers from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Was it you? Directed by Theodore James (12 minutes)

Henny’s Opus in B Minor
A classical musician struggles with aging and dementia. But she still has Bach. Directed by Andrea Conte (5 minutes)

The Liberators
Missing Nazi treasure finally turns up in a small Texas town. Because, of course it does. Directed by Cassie Hay (74 minutes)


Cameraless animation in extreme widescreen set to “Jungelaya” by Los Straightjackets. Directed by Robert Lyons (3 minutes)

Honeycomb Hideout
Rob Berry has a lot of cereal boxes. Like, A LOT of cereal boxes. Directed by Brian Barber and Paul Lundgren (5 minutes)

Bright Spots
An animated portrait of scientist Nick Holmes and his work preventing extinctions on islands. Directed by Jilli Rose (8 minutes)

The Creature
Dr. Frankenstein brings her husband back to life… with unexpected results. Directed by Jesse Damazo (11 minutes)

The Itching
Your parents were right: Quit scratching that. Directed by Dianne Bellino (16 minutes)

Love Is: A Message from Uganda’s Gay and Transgender Community
Y’know, that is a very descriptive sub-title. Directed by Katie G. Nelson (3 minutes)

These C***sucking Tears
The man behind the world’s first gay-themed country music album, 40 years after its release. Directed by Dan Taberski (16 minutes)

My Friend the Trees
Silly drawings make for lifelong friends. Directed by John Akre (5 minutes)

Visit a distant planet without ever leaving the comforts of the barn. Directed by Réka Bucsi (15 minutes)

The Champion
Chicago cab driver Estaifan Shilaita has a secret: He used to be an Iraqi boxing champion. Directed by Brett Garamella and Patrick McGowan (18 minutes)

9:30pm BLOCK

Getting Away With It
In 1970, war photographer Don McCullin’s camera stopped a bullet. Today, the Society for Ontofabulatory Research asks: “What? Really?” Directed by Adam O’Meara (6 minutes)

John Brinkley cures impotence with goat testicle implants. And that’s just for starters. Directed by Penny Lane (79 minutes)

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